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Easy Signature Cocktails

Aperol Spritz

aperol, prosecco, soda, fresh squeezed orange


gin, campari, sweet vermouth


pisco, fresh lime juice, ginger ale, bitters

Bourbon Cherry Bomb

bulleit bourbon, maraschino cherry, cola

Americano Campari

campari, vermouth, soda water

La Rosita

tequila reposado, campari, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth

Paloma Brava

tequila, fresh grapefruit, orange, lime, soda

Prosecco Paloma Royale

Paloma Brava, paprika, prosecco


dark rum, passion fruit juice, fresh orange & lime juice, simple syrup

Passionfruit Margarita

tequila, triple sec, passion fruit, fresh lime

Cocktails the Easy Way


rye, sweet vermouth, bitters, brandied cherry


rye, amaro, sweet vermouth, fresh orange


cognac, lemon juice, triple sec

Old Fashioned

rye or bourbon sugar, bitters, orange twist

Mimosa or Megmosa

prosecco, fresh orange or grapefruit

El Capitán

pisco, sweet vermouth, bitters


vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, cranberries


vodka or gin, ginger beer, fresh squeezed lime

Malibu Sunrise or Sunset

coconut rum, pineapple, fresh orange or grapefruit

Caesar on Fourth

vodka, clamato, horse radish, spices, garnish

Dark ‘n Stormy

dark rum, ginger beer, freshly squeezed lime juice

Paper Plane

rum, aperol, amaro, fresh squeezed lemon juice

Home of Craft Beer

Lake of Bays Brewing Co.

Early Warning Juicy IPA 473 ml can


Lot 9 Golden Pilsner 473 ml can

Broadhead Brewery

Blueberry Blonde 473 ml can

Newark Brewing Co.

Dubbel Ale 473 ml can

Beau’s Brewing Co.

Lug Tread Lagered Ale 473 ml can

Lake of Bays Brewing Co.

Off the Grid Hazy Pale Ale 473 ml can

Sawdust City Brewing

Two Pad Stack Double IPA 473 ml can

Muskoka Brewery

Detour India Session Ale 473 ml can

Cowbell Brewing Co.

Absent Landlord Kolsch 473 ml can

Lake of Bays Brewing Co.

Sparkhouse Red Ale 473 ml can

Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Naughty Neighbour Ale 473 ml can

Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Everyday Magic IPA 473 ml can

Lagunitas Brewing Co.

India Pale Ale 341 ml bottle

Cowbell Brewing Co.

Bobcat West Coast Red Ale 473 ml can

Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Wax On Hefeweizen 473 ml can

Heineken 0.0

355 ml bottle

Lake of Bays Brewing Co.

Berry Citrus Sour 473 ml can

Muskoka Brewing

Tread Lightly Lager 473 ml can

Newark Brewery

Wit Ale – 473 ml can

Lake of Bays Near Zero

473 ml can <0.5%

Shawn & Ed Brewing Co.

Lager SHED Original 473 ml can

Gametime Brew Co.

Get the Puck Out Pilsner 473 ml can

Lake of Bays Brewing Co.

Crispy Dry Pilsner 473 ml can

Handcrafted Martinis

French 75

gin, fresh squeezed lemon juice, prosecco


vodka, gin, amaro

The Marilyn Monroe

vodka, chambord, amaretto, triple sec, fresh juice, syrup, side shot of prosecco


rum, triple sec, fresh lemon juice, syrup, grenadine

High Plains Drifter #1

tequila, campari, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, bitters

Between the Sheets

brandy, rum, triple sec, fresh lemon juice

Hanky Panky

gin, sweet vermouth, amaro, fresh orange

Ten Spot

gin, aperol, fresh squeezed grapefruit, lime juice

Come Fourth and Be Sour!

Bourbon Raspberry Sour

bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white, bitters

Tequila Sour

tequila, lime juice, simple syrup, egg white, bitters

Southside Sour

gin, mint, lime

Amaretto Sour

amaretto, lemon juice, egg white

Clover Club Sour

gin, Chambord, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white

Pisco Sour

pisco, lime, simple syrup, egg white, angostura bitters

Wines and Sparkling


Pinot Grigio

Lakeview Cellars / VQA / Niagara Peninsula


Family Tree “The Goat Lady” / Speck Brothers / VQA Niagara

Sauvignon Blanc

Kono / Marlborough, New Zealand

Chenin Blanc

La Cotte Mill / Franschhoek, South Africa

Pinot Grigio

La Delizia / DOC / Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy


Camelot / California, USA


Pinot Noir Rosé

Serenity / Lakeview Cellars / VQA / Niagara Peninsula


Côte des Roses / Gérard Bertrand / Midi, France


Cabernet Merlot

Diamond Estates / VQA / Niagara Peninsula


Frico by Scarpetta / Tuscany, Italy


Tonel 22 / Bodega Toneles / Mendoza, Argentina

Baco Noir

Henry of Pelham / VQA / Niagara Peninsula


Tall Poppy / Andrew Peace Wines / Victoria, Australia


Villa di Monte / Grati / DOCG /Rufina, Italy

Cabernet Sauvignon

Josh Vineyards / Paso Robles, California

Quality Draught Beer

Vedett Premium Extra Blonde

Duvell Moortgat Brewery / Belgium

L’Apocalypso White IPA

Le Trou de Diable / Shawinigan, Quebec

Spark House Red Ale

Lake of Bays Brewery / Baysville, Ontario

Crank Lite Lager

Canadian Crank Brewery / Oakville, Ontario

Moretti Premium Pale Lager

Heineken N.V. / Udine, Italy

Backpacker Golden Ale

Eastbound Brewing Company / Toronto, Ontario

Heineken Premium Lager Extra Cold

Heineken N.V. / Amsterdam, Netherlands

English Bay Ale

Granville Island Brewing / Vancouver, British Columbia

Coors Light Lager Sub Zero

Molson Coors Beverage Company

Guinness Irish Dry Stout

St. James Gate Brewery / Dublin, Ireland

Easy Craft Pilsner

Proprietary Beer Partnership / Local, Southern Ontario

Canadian Lager Sub Zero

Molson Coors Beverage Company / Toronto, ON 18

Creemore Premium Amber Lager

Creemore Springs Brewery / Creemore, ON

Bubble Stash Cryo Hops IPA

Hop Valley Brewing Company / Oregon, USA

More Quality Beer, Cider, Seltzer & More

Vizzy Hard Seltzer

Blueberry Pomegranate 473 ml can

Vizzy Hard Seltzer

Mango Pineapple 473 ml can

Little Buddha Cocktail Co.

Pineapple Rosemary 473 ml can

Strong Bow Original

Dry Cider 473 ml can

Brick Works Cider House

Batch 1904 Premium Dry 473 ml can

Arizona Hard Spiked

Green Tea with Ginseng 473 ml can

Miller Lite

473 ml can

Sol Cerveza

473 ml can

Miller Genuine Draft

473 ml can

Coors Light

341 ml bottle

Smirnoff Vodka Soda

Raspberry Blast 0 sugar, 0 carbs, 90 cals 355 ml can

Wise Vodka Beverage

Cream Soda or Orange’Sicle 0 sugar, 0 carbs, 130 cals 473 ml can